Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Another new 1/700 Ship model accessory from Loose Cannon is a set of five quad 40 mm gun mounts. These are a welcome addition to the waterline - divine scale! I saw these at the IPMS Nationals and just had to have them. They are without doubt the best 40 mm guns in this scale. The detail has to be seen to be appreciated, the casting is first rate. The gun mounts have all kinds of surface detail and look very much like the real thing. The gun barrels are so fine that I can hardly believe you can cast them this thin.
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WOW!, these are without a doubt the best 40 mm weapons in this scale period! The only thing that could improve them is the addition of photo etch. But since most ship detail sets have 40 mm details in them it would probably be redundant to include them. Check out the weapons sets on the  Loose Cannon page.  They are available direct or at Colpar Hobbies or Pacific Front.