Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Here's a cool new tool that you will get a lot of use out of. It's a scale ruler for the two most common scales for ship modelers. The ruler is etched on a clear thin and flexible acrylic sheet. Markings for 700 scale are on one side and 350 on the other. The marking are in 1 foot increments with the five foot every 10 feet noted. The five foot marker is extended from the one footers to make them stand out and make measuring easier. The zero marking is in about five scale feet from the edge to make it easier to line up with the object you are measuring. 
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This is Kit #LMA001 - 1/700 & 1/350 Scale Ruler with a list price of $5.00 US. 
Also available in other scales for the same price:
  • Kit #LMA002 - 1/600 & 1/400 Scale Ruler
  • Kit #LMA007 - 1/200 & 1/144 Scale Ruler. 
Now if you suddenly feel the need to measure a kit, check out the entire line on the  Loose Cannon page.  They are available direct or at Colpar Hobbies or Pacific Front.