Kit Preview
Loose Cannon Models has released a new diorama set inspired by the McHales Navy television series. The set inludes:
One resin island base, one set of brass palm trees from L'Arsenal, two grass huts, four large quonset huts, eight small quonset huts. one "T" shaped wharf with two refueling tanks on the wharf, and four Rhino piers. There are three LCM / LCVP craft, six vehicles (trucks and Jeeps), cargo pallets, and eight early 77' Elco PT Boats. 
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The waterbase is supplied by the modeler. Not everything pictured above is included.

The set is priced at $75.00 and should allow you to build your own PT boat base such as the one at Tulagi. We will post an in-box of the kit contents soon. 

Check the Loose Cannon page for details on these and other kits.