Reviewed September 2015
by Timothy Dike
One of the great things about 1/700 scale is the wide range of accessories for dioramas. Loose Cannon is one of those companies that cater to the diorama enthusiast. One of their latest is this Plymouth building, a 16 story office building. 
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These new buildings are all new and innovative in their design. This building is made up of a clear acrylic inner frame that includes window frames etched into the surface. The outer skin is laser etched styrene that is very realistic in appearance. The roof is  laser etched card stock.

Tab and slot construction is utilized to help locate the walls.

The clear interior will allow you to add lighting if you so desire, however you'll want to add floors for it to look realistic.
The instructions are the front and back of a single sheet. They show the parts laid out with locations on how they assemble. The front page describes the construction.
If you want to give your harbor the ultimate in appearance, consider adding this new high-rise from Loose Cannon. This is item #LCM700B027 and lists for $40.00 US. They are available at Freetime Hobbies.

Check out the entire line of buildings on the  Loose Cannon page.