L'Arsenal 1/350
5"/38 Mk28 Mod 3 Enclosed Twin Mount

Reviewed by Sean Hert

The 5"/38 was found on hundreds of Allied ships in World War Two, in a huge variety of mounting styles. This set from L'Arsenal is for the enclosed twin gunhouse version, as found on most USN battleships, as well as many cruisers, with parts for five complete mounts included.

L'Arsenal as modeled an excellent gunhouse, complete with with trainer and pointer's telescope hoods, gun captain's sheild, training stop and case ejection ports. The rear doors are lacking foot rungs, but the base ring is nicely detailed. The gun ports come pre-drilled with holes for mounting the turned brass barrels; some careful filling and sanding will be required if you desire to reposition the barrels.

The turned brass barrels come with open muzzles, and have mounting posts machined to aid in alignment. However, the open muzzles are much too small.


The label is the instructions.


This upgrade set will not only improve upon those unimpressive plastic mounts found in some battleship kits, but will be welcome to many scratchbuilder as well! This is item #AC 350 79 priced at $16.00 from Tony Bunch at the L'Arsenal USA, and is well worth the price.

Modelwarships.com thanks L'Arsenal USA for providing this review sample.

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