Reviewed by Martin J Quinn
December 2018
L'Arsenal has released a set of speakers for USN ships in 1/350 scale, set AC 350 216, Haut-parleurs 1/350. The set includes twenty speakers.  If you look closely at photos of United States Navy ships during the Second World War, especially fleet carriers, you'll see speakers attached to various parts of the ship, particularly the superstructure.    L'Arsenal has reproduced these in resin, allowing you to add this extra detail to your model ships. 

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This set comes with four resin runners, each with five speakers on each runner.   Each part is well cast, with a separately define shape inside the cone of the speaker.   There is some very minor variation in the shapes of the parts, but they are all close enough in size and shape that, once on your model, you shouldn't be able to tell the difference. 
Close ups of some of the parts details.
There are no instructions.  Consult references (like the photos above), to see where the speakers are attached to the ship you are modeling.
This is an interesting and welcome accessory for US ship modelers.  The speakers are well cast, and should add a nice level of detail and realism to any models US Navy ship model, especially on the islands of the fleet carriers.

This is set L'Arsenal set AC 350 216, Haut-parleurs 1/350. They retail for $4.50 USD, and are available directly from L'Arsenal , or from many of our sponsors. Thanks to L'Arsenal for the review sample.   Recommended.