L'Arsenal 1.350 Diamond T 968 4ton Truck 6x6 trucks
Reviewed August 2017
by Timothy Dike
The subject of ballistic missiles has been in the news a lot lately.  That's why this new set by L'Arsenal featuring ballistic missiles of the USSR is so interesting.
USSR Ballistic Missiles
Cast in 1/350 scale are eight different missiles.  Some are cast in two stages, and all with nice surface detailing.  They are well cast and will need very little cleanup. Just glue the upper and lower stages together and paint.
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The instructions show the assembled missiles in elevation views.
This is set #AC 350 177 1/350 USSR ballistic missiles set for € 8.95 in Europe or about 10.61 US Dollars.

Nicely detailed and an interesting collection of some of the world deadliest weapons. Begin your 350 scale arms race now at L'Arsenal or wherever fine ship accessories are sold.

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