L'Arsenal 1.350 Diamond T 968 4ton Truck 6x6 trucks
Reviewed by Abram Joslin
December 2012
L'Arsenal 1/350 GMC CCKW
Model ship builders have always wanted a wider range of 1/350 accessories, and L'arsenal has started to answer that need. Over the past several months L'arsenal has come out with several 1/350 vehicles, giving us more options when it comes to dioramas and filling our supply ships with cargo. One of the most used vehicles during WWII was the GMC CCKW 2 1/2 ton truck. The CCKW was the main stay for transport over land. Used in the famous Red Ball express to deliver much needed supplies to the troops, used as a troop carrier, and prime mover for towed artillery, the CCKW was very versatile. L'arsenal supplies us with a superb little model. This set includes six trucks, half with the canvas top over the bed, the other half without. This is the open cab version, which L'arsenal portrayed with the canvas top over the cab and the doors. None of the trucks have a weapon mount or winch, but maybe L'arsenal will provide different versions at a later time.  Click images
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Up until now if you wanted vehicles for your dioramas or cargo ships you had to use the GHQ gaming miniatures. The GHQ offerings are extremely well detailed, but I have included a side by side comparison between the two. As you can see with them together you can definitely tell the size difference, so mixing the two brands will not work. The L'arsenal offerings are very well detailed for the scale, the tires even have tread marks on them! I highly recommend these trucks to anyone who wants to use correctly sized vehicles for their dioramas and cargo ships. 
I purchased these from L'arsenal USA, Tony Bunch was quick to respond and I had them only a day or two after I ordered! With excellent customer service like that L'arsenal will definitely get more of my business.

I am in no way affiliated with L'arsenal/L'arsenal USA, just a happy customer!

This is set #AC350-127 1/350 GMC Trucks x 6 for $10.00 or  € 8.95 in Europe, or € 7.48 for non EEC modelers. They are available direct from L'Arsenal or L'Arsenal USA or wherever fine ship accessories are sold.

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