L'Arsenal 1/700 Fairey Swordfish set

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Fairey Swordfish was the standard Navy torpedo plane used by the Royal Navy at the start of world war two. These aircraft are vaguely represented in the few kits available. Detail on them is lacking so L'Arsenal has provided this upgrade set to give you a more scale appearing aircraft. This set includes five aircraft with resin bodies and photo etch wings and details.
The resin parts are cast on blocks with nice open cockpits and nice cowlings around the engines. The latter are open on front with what appears to be the radial engine cylinders cast on. They have all the distinctive features of the real aircraft and the casting is nice and clean. Click images
to enlarge
A relief etched fret is provided for the wings, struts, and props. The wings have elevator lines etched on them. A single set of folded wings are provided with the other four being unfolded. Lines are etched on for the struts to locate off of, a nice touch. 
The instructions are very well done for such a simple kit. They show in photos the assembly process clearly. 

Nicely cast and very detailed. This is set #AC70012 Swordfish (5 a/c) for $10.00 US. That's $2 a plane, a price that will allow you to add a highly detailed airwing to your RN carriers. You can get yours direct from L'Arsenal or L'Arsenal USA or wherever fine ship accessories are sold.

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