L'Arsenal 1/700
Fairey Fulmar

Reviewed by Sean Hert

The Fairey Fulmar was the result of a need to replace the Battle light bomber in British service The resulting aircraft's performance was not a great improvement over the Battle, it was an easy aircraft to handle and had greater success in action than many of the more agile aircraft flown by the Fleet Air Arm. Fulmar's saw service as fighters, fighter-bombers, night fighters, and even as CAM convoy escorts; later, the Fulmar's long range and two-man crew made it an excellent reconnaissance aircraft.

This set from L'Arsenal includes 10 Fulmars.


Each Fulmar is one-piece resin, with details added with photoetch. The fuselage and wings are well shaped, with good details like engine exhausts, full canopy and spinner.


There is a small fret of photoetched parts for this aircraft. These parts include three-bladed props, landing gear and an arresting hook.


There are no decals included in this kit.


The packaging also provides assembly instructions. There are no painting steps or marking recommendations included.


Thanks to L'Arsenal USA for providing us with this review sample. This is kit #AC 700-34 Fairey Fulmar 1/700, priced at $11.00. Available direct from L'Arsenal, L'Arsenal USA or wherever fine ship accessories are sold.