L'Arsenal Blackened Chain
16 links/CM [40 links / inch]

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
One of the reasons I like to see ship models without cast or molded on chain is that there is just no substiture for real chain. But now that you have that new kit with the bare anchorways, where do you get the chain? There are so many sizes and options out there from jewlery to model railroad chain. L'Arsenal makes it simple for you offering real chain in two sizes. This set includes 50 cm [28"] of chain that is 16 links per centimeter or 40 links per inch. This is ideal for the typical 1/350 destroyer or a 1/700 capital ship.  The chain comes already blackened and ready to use. The only thing you might add is some rust. 
The obvious use is anchor chain as it lays just like real chain and can be run around capstans and through the hawepipe realistically. But you can also rig your paravanes and other gear. 
Perfect for replacing the flat lifeless chain on included in most kits or for your scratchbuilding projects. This is set #CH 250 priced at $3,95 € or about $5.67 at todays exchange rate. It includes enough chain to equip an entire task force of ships. You might also consider set #CH 252 11 links per cm (28 links per inch) if you need larger chain. 

Available direct from L'Arsenal, L'Arsenal USA or wherever fine ship accessories are sold. 

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