L’Arsenal  1/350 Scale USN 26’ Whaleboats
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Reviewed by Felix Bustelo
The 26-foot whaleboat was standard equipment on United States Navy and Coast Guard vessels during World War II and the years prior and after this great conflict.   L’Arsenal growing line of USN resin and photoetch details now includes these ubiquitous craft.
The packet includes resin and photoetch parts to build 4 whaleboats.  The resin castings are beautiful and finely done with wood planking and bilge keels.  I little bit of casting film needs to be removed clear out the notch where the photoetch propeller goes.  Also included in the excellent photoetch fret are the bench sections, rudders and the helmsman’s position railing.  An optional section of deck planking for the front of the boat is provided to model a closed-deck version.  Four extra propellers are provided in case you lose any of these tiny parts. Click images
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The assembly instructions, in the form of a clear blow-up diagram and a map of the photoetch fret, are included in the closed card.

This is a welcome addition to L’Arsenal’s line of  1/350 scale United States Navy detail parts and it provides modelers a detailed  mini-model to replace the whaleboats found in 1/350 scale plastic kits and in some resin kits.

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