L'Arsenal 1/350 Grumman TBM-3W Avenger

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
 The Grumman TBM-3W was the Airborne Early Warning (AEW) version of the Avenger. It allowed a carrier to extend it's radar coverage. The aircraft was basically an Avenger with a large radome mounted under the belly of the aircraft. Stabilizer wings had to be added to the tail to counter the yawing effect of the radome. The rear canopy was faired over to provide a darkened compartment for the radar operators to work in. 
L'Arsenal has released this set to give your carrier airwing some AEW capability.  The set comes with five Avengers with fuselage and wings all cast as one piece. The castings is pretty good with some cleanup required along the wing edges. The shape appears to be accurate and closely match the lines of the real bird. There are some recess panel lines on the tail, but none on the wings. The engine cowling is cast open and the propeller shaft is nice and thin ready for the photo etched props. The exhaust pipes are also cast on.  Click images
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Stabilizer winglets are also provided in resin as well as the main wheels for the landing gear. 
A fret of propellers, and landing gear is provided to give the aircraft more detail. There are two types of landing gear to chose from. One is a complete gear and tire and the other uses the resin tire for a more realistic appearance. Tail wheels are also provided. 
The instructions are a single small illustration with notes showing where the parts go. Adequate for a simple aircraft set like this.

No decals are provided, however you can use those intended for the TBM Avenger torpedo bomber found in 1/350 plastic kits.


This is a nice little set that can be used for not only US Navy carriers, but also those of the French and British Navies. This is set # AC350-60 TBM-3W Avenger (5 per pkg) for $12.00 US. You can order them from L'Arsenal, or from Tony Bunch @ L'Arsenal USA or wherever fine ship accessories are sold. 

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