L'Arsenal 1/350
Short Sunderland Mk. 1 (Late)

Reviewed by Sean Hert

The Short Sunderland was one of the most powerful flying boats to see service throughout the Commonwealth during World War Two. These aircraft acted primarily as patrol bombers and were instrumental in countering the U-Boat threat on the Atlantic.

One of the interesting details of these boats where the bomb racks; they were internal to the hull, and were run out on rails on the underside of the wing. These racks could take either bombs or depth charges, and were reloadable when retracted from internal stowage.

L'Arsenal's model is a late variant of the Mk 1 Sunderland.


The bulk of this kit is comprised of 6 resin parts; wing, fuselage/hull, wing-tip floats (2), horizontal stabilizers (2), and vertical tail. All the parts are well done; the floats and tail are cast onto blocks. Some of the parts exhibit thin mold flash, but quite easy to Remove.

These parts have good detail, and fit together snugly.


There is a small fret of photoetched parts for Sunderland, consisting of props and float struts.


Sunderland also includes a sheet of roundel decals, with a variety of roundels for the wings, hull and tail, but no letters or numbers for squadron markings.


A single double-sides sheet of assembly and painting steps is included.


This kit is just screaming to get painted in one of those 3-tone Coastal Command schemes, making a run on a U-Boat!

Thanks to L'Arsenal USA for providing us with this review sample. This is kit #AC 350-81 Short Sunderland 1/350, priced at $11.00. Available direct from L'Arsenal, L'Arsenal USA or wherever fine ship accessories are sold.