L'Arsenal 1/350 Navigation Bridge Equipment

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Just when you think the details can not get any finer, L'Arsenal comes out with a set that makes you rethink that. This set includes some of the finest and most detailed parts that you can cast in 1/350 scale. 
This set features parts typically found on the Navigation bridge of ships from Destroyers to Capital Ships. It includes four Torpedo Directors, four Target Designators, and eight Pelorus mounts. The Torpedo directors include a very find sighting tube very fine detailing. The Target Designator is incredibly cast with very fine details so be careful when handling them.  Click images
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The Pelorus mounts are cast in two types, with covers in place, and with them opened and the domed cover hanging on the pedestal. 

Having spent some time studying parts like these for my own computer modeling, I can really appreciate the detail these fittings include. They too were designed using CAD technology and were mastered using Rapid Prototyping. The end result is the most detailed and accurate versions of these parts that I have seen. If your upgrading any of your USN 1/350 ships, you have to have some of these details. I highly recommend them. 

You can order them from L'Arsenal, or from Tony Bunch @ L'Arsenal USA or wherever fine ship accessories are sold. 

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