L'Arsenal 1/350 Liberty Ship upgrade set

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The Trumpeter Liberty Ships in 1/350 are among their best kits. But they are lacking in small parts details. Many of the parts are overly simplistic and lacking in fine detail. L'Arsenal has a set that will remedy that. It is well known that L'Arsenal parts are among the best cast parts in the world and they feature rich fine details. This set is no exception. 
Many Liberty Ships were armed with a 5" 38 cal open gun mount so this two piece resin mount is provided. This looks very much like the handy work of Pierre Marchal who has mastered many L'Arsenal fittings and weapons. The result is very convincing with abundant detail and a very realistic appearance.  The gun mount included the fuse setters and nice yoke detailing. The gun barrel has a detailed breach and can be mounted at any angle just like the real one. 
A 3" gun mount is also included also molded in two parts. It features a fine gun barrel and nicely detailed base. It too can be posed just like the real one. Casting on these parts is very nice with no voids, or excessive flash and only minimal cleanup needed. 
Several 20 mm gun tubs are provided in two styles. The found ones have a pedestal already cast in place to allow you to mount the photo etched gun mount on. The floor features a nice grate detail around the base. The other tubs have the squared off section that typically was reserved for the ammo boxes. These feature nice thin splinter shields and are cast on a thin resin wafer. Extra 20 mm mounts are included for these and/or open mounts.
A new more realistic funnel is included. It is much more detailed than the kit part. The anchors are the best I have seen in this scale. They are highly detailed and feature all the detail of the originals. New cargo hold covers are included with nice surface detail cast on. 
An assortment of deck winches are provided to place about the decks. There are several styles and they are little gems with ultra nice detailing. Paint them and give them a nice grimy wash to make the detail stand out and they are sure to get attention. 
New whale boats are provide that at first glance look plain. That is until you scroll down and look at the photo etch boat decks for them. New life rafts are provided, including what I would call a poor mans raft that consists of nothing but a wooden platform. New bits are also provided to run your lines to. 
A complete photo etch set complements the above parts with extra details and provides all kinds of extras. New railings, platforms and life raft mounts are included. The fret features nice relief etching to help the details stand out on an otherwise flat part. 
The instructions are well drawn and show where everything goes. These are nice but I would like to have some 3D views
A very detailed set with uses beyond just the Trumpeter Liberty Ships. There are a lot of nice parts in this set and their is no doubt that it will transform your plastic kit into a better model. Great casting, with minimal cleanup and exceptional detailing make this a must have set. 

This is set #KC 350-02 Liberty Ship upgrade set priced at $57.00. Available direct from L'Arsenal, L'Arsenal USA or wherever fine ship accessories are sold. 

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