Reviewed June 2017
by Timothy Dike
Yet another upgrade set for the discriminating modeler. This new depth charge set offers fine detailing lacking in most plastic kits. This set features roll off racks and K-gun depth charge projectors for mid to late war US Navy ships.
The k-guns are cast in resin and with an empty arbor and separate cans for them. There are six provided, enough to do one typical destroyer. My set actually had an extra one. Detailing is exceptional with even the breach  mechanism cast on. 

The cans are more than just cast rods, they have end detailing where the fuse is. The stern depth charges are cast together in groups of six to make them easier to install. They can also be separated if you like.

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A nice relief etched fret is included with the stern roller racks, storage racks and the side roller racks found on most destroyers and escorts around 43. Earlier ships typically had the charges mounted on pedestals on the deck. The roller racks proved to be more efficient and didn't need to have a davit to load each can onto the k-gun. 
The instructions pretty much self explanatory and show how the photo etch folds up and where the parts go. 

A really nice set that will enhance any US Navy destroyer. This is set #AC350-67 Mk9 Depth Charges Throwers and Racks for 8.95 €  or about $10.05 US at today's exchange rate. Pick up a set for each of the tin cans in your fleet. They are also available direct from L'Arsenal or wherever fine ship accessories are sold.