L'Arsenal 1/350 Anti Skid Mats

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Keeping your footing on a rolling ship with water splashing over the decks can be a challenge. Especially in 1/350 scale as anti skid decals have been a rarity. Now Jacques Druel of L'Arsenal has stepped up to provide this set of assorted anti-skid decals in several sizes. The set comes with five types of mats in solid, split, and grouped split patterns. Since application of these mats was left up the the various shipyard crews, there are a variety of walkway patterns found on various ships. Rarely will you find these placed exactly the same on two ships. This set allows for virtually any pattern to be applied as all you have to do it cut the appropriate sections to length and apply them to the deck.

The decals are printed with a slightly faded looking navy blue color so they will stand out on a deck painted in the 20-B deck color typically found on US Navy ships. I placed this set next to my Snyder & Short US Navy color chip set and I find that the contrast looks right to me. It is hard to get an exact match as most photo's I have seen are in black and white.  The set will work with any type of ship and there are enough decals on this 6-1/2" x 3-1/2" sheet to do a whole fleet of ships.

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A welcome addition for ship modelers. Modelers have been asking for these for years, and I am glad to see the L'Arsenal has responded with this set. These sets are available direct from L'Arsenal or wherever fine ship accessories are sold. This is item #DEC 350 02  Bandes antidérapantes / Anti-skid bands with a list price of 5,95 Euros or about $7.58 depending on the exchange rate.

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