L'Arsenal 1/350 5"/25 Open Mount

This set by L'Arsenal of 5"/25 open mounts is suitable for a number of pre-war US ship classes; Oklahoma, Nevada, and Maryland battleships classes, the Pensacola, Northhampton, Portland, New Orleans, and Brooklyn cruiser classes, and in the the aircraft carriers Lexington, Saratoga, and Ranger, with many of these ships carried this weapon throughout the war. There are 4 mounts in this set- please check our sources, as some of these ships had up to 12 of this mount onboard.

The 5"/25's in the set consist of 2 resin pieces; a barrel assembly and platform, and a small photoetch fret. The mount platform is attached to a small square casting block via the round base on the bottom. The mount is highly detailed, including the dials on the fuse setting machine! The barrel is just as detailed- the RESIN barrel has a hollow bore! The PE fret has handrails for the platform, seats and a aimers handwheel.

The instructions are two pages with a parts list for the resin and photo etch.

This weapons upgrade set would be a fine and welcome addition to many kits out there, both resin and plastic- particularly the Trumpeter 1/350 New Orleans class ships. (2 sets would be required) This is item #AC 350 36 priced at $12.00 from Tony Bunch at the L'Arsenal USA, and is well worth the price.

Thanks to L'Arsenal USA for these review samples.