L'Arsenal 1/350 12" USN Searchlights

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
 L'Arsenal continues to come out with cool details that give your ship that extra detail that are usually left off. 

This one is a set of 12" searchlights that are commonly found on US Navy ships. Usually found on the bridge they  supplement the larger combat searchlights that are typically 24" to 36". 

This set features twelve resin cast searchlights bodies with photo etched mounts. The resin parts are cast with a groove that helps them fit into the photo etched frame. 

These parts are tiny so be careful handling them.  I would suggest attaching them while they are still on the resin runners. 

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A brass fret provides the searchlight frames and three types are provided. An offset mount, a straight mount, and a fixed offset mount. Also included are lens and lever end pieces that allow you to simulate the searchlight with shutters open or closes. A cool effect! 
The instructions are pretty basic and include a parts identifier and illustrations showing where the parts go. Simple stuff, but you will need to consult your own reference to decide which mount is right for your ships. 

This is a nice little set that can be used for a multitude of US Navy ship projects. It can equip a whole fleet of tin cans! Or dress out a smaller number of larger ships. This is set # AC350-64 12" Signal Searchlights (12 lamps w'p/e) $6.00US. A must for the serious ship modeler. They are based on US Navy style searchlights, but can be used on ship from other countries as these are pretty typical searchlight mounts. 

You can order them from L'Arsenal, or from Tony Bunch @ L'Arsenal USA or wherever fine ship accessories are sold. 

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