J&D Productions Kits
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Where ever you find a 20 mm Oerlikon, you will find at least one of these near by. Most of the time you will find several of these. This is the "ready service locker" where the extra ammo rounds are stored for immediate use. 
There is not much to this item at first glance, until you notice the nice latch detail and even the scale angle iron on which it is mounted. The only flash on this little item was on the bottom where it will be simple to clean up.

While this is a rather simple item, it is nicely done and will save you a tremendous amount of time on your next ship project.

This is set # JD-09, Priced at $1.00 ea. Click the logo to go to the J&D Productions website to see their full line of products and services

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