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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The 4" 50 cal gun mount was used on the old Flushdeck Destroyers and also as a main gun on S class and Balao class Submarines. This gun was simple in construction and lightweight and could be sealed up to protect against underwater damage.
J&D Productions has produced this gun mount in 1/96 scale for use on some of the early US Patrol Subs. With a few modifications it could also be used on a flush deck (4 piper) destroyer.

The gun assembly consists of five parts: a gun pedestal, barrel assembly, gun sights, and two seats. The parts are cast in soft metal and came with hardly even a trace of flash. They will require only a minimal amount of cleanup before they are ready to assemble. The gun barrel can be elevated just like the prototype. The casting is quite nice and even the bolt and washer detail on the gun base is evident.

The kit comes with a one page set of instructions that include a step by step approach to each part. Each part is identified and clearly shown making it very to build.

Additional information on this gun mount can be found on the Warships1.com website in their Weapons of the World 4" 50 cal gun section.

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A simple kit to assemble, this 4" 50 cal. Open Sub Deck Gun is Part # JD-07, Price is $12.00 ea.. Click the logo to go to the J&D Productions website to see their full line of products and services

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