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Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The 50 cal machine was was the most widely used ship borne light anti aircraft gun at the beginning of World War Two. As the more efficient 20 mm Oerlikon these weapons were gradulally replaced. They gun mount was water cooled to help keep the barrel from overheating during sustained fire. These guns could be found mounted on everything from fleet carriers to the tin cans of the fleet well into 1942.
This gun assembly consists of four parts: a gun pedestal, barrel assembly, handle, and water tank. The parts are cast in soft metal and came with hardly even a trace of flash. They will require only a minimal amount of cleanup before they are ready to assemble. The gun pivot assembly can be drilled out to allow for easier mounting. The water tank was typically mounted near the base in front of the weapon so it would not interfer with the gunner as he fired the weapon. 

The kit comes with a one page set of insturctions that include a step by sep approach to each part. Each part is identified and clearly shown making it very to build. 

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Anyone who has ever scratchbuilt a 1/96 scale ship knows that the amount of time and effort needed to scratchbuilt these weapons is just not practical if one wants to complete the ship in their lifetime. It is nice to have such a nicely cast one to use instead.

This is set # JD-06, Priced at $5.00. A great accessory and a nice standalone gun kit. Click the logo to go to the J&D Productions website to see their full line of products and services

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