JAG's 1/700
USS virginia Update set

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
 So you have the JAG USS Virginia but you don't want an as built version. You would rather have something a little more modern. Well rather than resort to scratchbuilding, JAG has provided an update set to bring your cruiser up to her post refit appearance.
What you get are some nicely cast resin.. A new platform and modern weapons are sharply detailed. The Harpoons, and Tomahawk launcher are very well done. The CWIS is nice too, but the gun barrel is a little thick. I would consider replacing it with a small bit of fine wire. Click images
to enlarge
The other fittings and weapons are also nicely cast, but I have to confess, I don't know what all the items are. This is where a set of instructions would have been helpful. There are none in this set.


The casting on this set is excellent, but the lack of any instructions is a disappointment. I hope that JAG will consider adding some in the future. This is set #JAG 701 Virginia Upgrade Set with a list price of  $12.00, a fair price to pay to bring your old Cold War veteran into the 80's and ealy 90's.

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