JAG Collective Vehicles

By Peter Van Buren
JAG has released another set of 1/700 scale vehicles to go with their growing collection of amphibious craft.  This time on offer are HMMVs and LAVs, both transported aboard  amphib ships for use by the Marines.  The vehicles will look great as deck cargo, and really help create that “busy” look common to the ‘Gator navy.  Click images
to enlarge
The casting, in white metal, is the usual excellent job by JAG.  Each tiny vehicle sports appropriate raised and etched details, including vents and access hatches.  Clean up is minimal, just an attachment point or two that slips off with a hobby knife. Prices are reasonable, especially compared to what some of us have done, buying Pitroad/Skywave aircraft kits to get at the vehicles included with the planes. JAG sells these new vehicles direct, for US $4.50 plus shipping. Each set includes 12 vehicles, i.e., for the money you get either 12 LAVs or 12 HMMVs.  The turrets are separate pieces on the LAVs, so you can pose them bundled up for transport or swiveled to cover flanks in formation.
These vehicles add up to quite a load of cargo, in that JAG also sells 1/700 white metal LVTs and M923 trucks.
How small is 1/700?  Take a look at the photos with a US quarter, or, better yet, with a 1/285 GHQ white metal Sherman.  I once collected GHQ vehicles and at the time, with steadier hands and better vision, though them too small to really properly paint and detail.  Compared to 1/700, the GHQ stuff is HUGE.


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