JAG 1/700 Carrier Deck Vehicles Set
JAG 1/350 Amphibious LHD Deck Vehicles
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Modelers have been complaining about the lack of good quality deck vehicles in 700 scale for a long time. In spite of the many modern carriers kits on the market, their 1/700 deck vehicles leave a lot to be desired. JAG has stepped up to give modelers a better choice for their modern ships with this new Carrier Deck Vehicles set. 
This set includes two resin sprues contains one crash crane and a variety of deck vehicles. There are twenty four vehicles in all. The crash crane is the only one that needs assembly and it is a gem for 700 scale. The large tires are cast separately with tread you can actually see. The loaders, tractors, fire trucks, and other vehicles are cleanly cast on the resin runner and will need very little cleanup to use. Each one has enough surface detailing to easily be recognizable even in this small scale.  Click images
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A nice photo etch fret is supplied for boom and rigging on the Crash Crane. 
Two sheets are provided to show how the vehicles go together. Some reference pictures of the various vehicles is provided and an exploded view of the crash crane.


If you take the time to superdetail your aircraft on deck, don't skimp on the support vehicles. This highly detailed set will complement a nicely detailed airwing and draw attention to your flight deck. 

This is set #JAG711 Carrier Deck Vehicles (1/700)  with a price is $18.00 plus shipping cost. 

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