JAG Review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
The CH-46 has been the work horse of the US Navy and Marines for many years now. These rugged helicopters can deliver troops ashore or supplies to ships. Yet these birds have been curiously lacking in many modern US Navy ship kits. Well now JAG has a set to populate the decks of your carriers and amphibs. You can also land these birds on those frigates and destroyers. These are much more appropriate than the Army CH-47's found in many of the Modern Ship kits.
There are two resin cast helo's in each set. Landing gear are also cast in resin, and are pretty thin, so be careful with them. The overall shape appears to be very much like the CH-46's and closely matches a 1/72 scale version that I have. The windows and doors are pretty well represented. But you may want to drill them out for effect. Click images
to enlarge
A photo etch fret provides the rotor blades in both folded and extended versions. 
This is set #JAG-601 and retails for $8.00. That's a fair price for a couple of nicely detailed birds with PE. You can find these at your favorite hobby store or click the logo to buy them direct from JAG.

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