Iron Bottom Sound 1/144 scale
4" 50 cal Submarine Deck Gun

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Beginning in 1943 the Navy started to replace the 3" guns on most Gato class subs with the reliable 4" 50 cal gun mount. It was used as the standard mount until the 5" gun mounts started to appear late in the war. Depending on what sub you choose to model, you may be looking for a replacement for the 3" gun mount included in the Trumpeter kit.. If so then you might want to consider Iron Bottom Sounds 4" gun mount kit. Many of you are familiar with Mario Grima. His Model Ship Gallery is full of all kinds of ship subjects, but with a definite emphasis on Subs. His quest to build a more accurate Gato class boat, has led to the creation of this latest product, a 4" 50 cal wet gun mount for the Trumpeter Gato kit.
The kit includes a complete 1/144th scale 4"/50 cal. US Submarine Gun with parts in resin and metal. The gun barrel and mount are cast separately to allow the mount to be elevated as desired. The casting is a bit grainy and will need some light clean up. The gun base is cast with a brass brad in place to serve as a pivot point. You can use it or supply your own pin. Even with the slightly rough texture of the parts, it is easy to make out the basic shape of the mount and comparing it to pictures in the Warship Pictorial #28 Gato book they appear very accurate.  Click images
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Elevating hand wheels and various other gun parts are also included as resin parts cast on wafers. Most of these parts are labeled to help identify them. Various lengths of wire are included to supply 

There are also, four optional anchor wells and two anchors to correct the Trumpeter kits anchor well.

The instructions are two pages that show the gun assembly and the anchor wells.
This is a nice upgrade for the Trumpeter kit. If you plan on building one of the later versions of the Gato, you need to consider this inexpensive replacement gun kit. It is available direct from Iron Bottom Sound on their website for $15.00. You can even order online and pay via Paypal. Check their website for other conversion sets.