ION Model
1/700 Kriegsmarine Figures
"Chilling on Deck"


Reviewed by Martin J Quinn
May 2022

ION Models from Poland has sent us several of their figure sets to review.   One of these sets is a set of 700 scale figures for the German Navy World War II, K700-001 Kriegsmarine "Chilling on Deck".
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I was always fascinated by 3D printing. Years back the printers were very expensive or not precise enough. But at some point I decided to try it. First I had to create the models so after deciding this scale canít transfer much details I thought the shape should be pretty basic. First software I was using was Cinema 4D but it was verified quickly and I moved to zBrush, this is the ultimate tool for character modelers. Iíve used gigabytes of references for the outfits and poses for all USN, RN, IJN and Kriegsmarine. I knew that especially in 1/700 scale the difference between printed models will be very small so Iíve decided to use some unique poses for every set. I was also surprised that all competitors have a very limited number of poses per set. Like in old times when each figure was replicated multiple times. I always didnít like it and I decided this will not be the case for me and in my set there's a maximum number of 8 same figures in 1/700 set, and they are not exactly the same because the geometry has been mirrored. I also donít like strange proportions of small scale models (from 28mm and below) so I wanted to keep the right size of human for 1/350 scale, thatís why compared to competitors they might seem slim but they are just in proper proportions. Another important feature for me was to use better resin to make it easier to work with models and not lose masses of legs, arms or headsÖ the resin is more durable than typical resin, and Iím going to start tests with new resin soon. Last but not least was to limit the number of supports and try to keep the feet clean. This is because cutting the feet may cause breaking a leg and itís very hard to have enough precision to have flat feet. So whenever I could I put figures heads down. Currently I have plenty of ideas for new sets from modelers, Iíve received a lot of appreciation from professionals and Iím determined to create more sets and explore more scales like 1/200. - Mikołaj Humienny, ION Models
The figures come in a small, sturdy flip top box.   Art work on the box top shows all the different poses you'll find in the set.   Inside the box, you'll find four separate prints rafts, nestled into soft packing foam.  In total, there are 88 figures included.  All the figures appear to be enlisted crew, with no officers. 

Unlike every other figure set I've seen, these are printed from the head up, which I think is a brilliant idea, as is the way each row of figures is printed on it's own raft.    The other thing I noticed is the variety of poses.   Figures sets from some other manufacturers seems to have rows and rows of the same poses.  That's not to say there isn't repetition here, but the variety of poses is definitely a plus.

The figures are TINY, as you might expect from 700 scale, but still appear (under magnification) to have good detail.  The tricky part will be removing them from the print rafts, without breaking them or losing them to the carpet monster. 

Close ups of some of the parts details.


There are no instructions in the box, but if you go to the ION Models website, you'll find a tutorial on how to work with the figures, which includes the best way to remove them from the print rafts.
Overall, I'm impressed with these little guys.   The figures look to be (again, under magnification) fairly detailed  and nicely printed.  The way they are printed, from the head up (or down, if you will) is clever and may help reduce breakage while removing them from the print raft (that's something that seems to be common with the figures printed from the legs up).  I also like how each section of figures is printed on its own raft.  This too should help reduce breakage. 

These will be a really useful accessory for anyone who really wants to populate their scale navy ships with a crew.  Hopefully we will see more sets from ION, including an set with officers in it.  Recommended! 

This is ION Models K700-001 Kriegsmarine "Chilling on Deck".   The figures are available from a variety of sources, including some of our sponsors.  See the ION website for information on where you can find them in your country. In the US, they are available from FreeTime Hobbies, where they retail for $18.95.