HR Products
1/72 Cast metal Weapons
by Timothy Dike
Some of you that have been following Bill Waldorf's progress on his 1/72 scale Escort carrier have asked where he got the guns and other fittings. Well here are just a few of the ones available from HR Products. These parts are cast metal kits and 
The 20 mm set comes with enough parts to assemble two complete guns. A little cleanup with a file and perhaps some polishing will be all thats needed to get these ready. The crank is cast onto the gun sheild and the ammo canister is cast to the base. Be careful removing the crank as it is fairly delicate. The one flaw with this casting is that the gun can not be elevated. 
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The MK-51 directors are only three peices but are nicely detailed. Two are included in a set and you will have very little cleanup with these parts.
The twin 40 mm gun is quite a peice of work. It can be assembled in any position and has more than enough detail to get anyones attention. One thing lacking is the instructions, most people will be able to figure it out but a simple exploded view would be a great help here.
For more pictures of these fittings installed check out the 1/72 Escort Carrier buildup by Bill Waldorf.
For additional info check with the folks at Loyalhanna Dockyard. I  would recommend that you get one of their catalogs as this is but a small sample of what they carry.

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