Hawk Graphics 1/700
German Large Signal Flags

Reviewed by Sean Hert

Coming soon from Hawk Graphics is a set of signal flag decals suitable for German Navy (Deutsche Kriegsmarine) 1935-1945. These flags cover the expected alphanumerics, but also include multiple jacks and ensigns in different types (naval and merchant), sizes and shapes ("waving" and static).

This sheet also has a selection of various markings suitable for the embarked German floatplanes of the era; AR-196's and He-114's.

The other item on this sheet that is a pleasant surprise are the various commmand pennants- a nice touch.

It appears that Hawk Graphics has used a new printer for these decals; these appear thicker than previous sheets printed by Cartograf. However, this may actually prove to be an improvement when applying the flags.


This sheet is a great additional to any of the large number of German World War Two ship kits which have hit the market in the past year or two. However, since this sheet accurately portrays historical Kriegsmarine markings of this time period (the swastika) this set may not be legal for all modelers.

This will be set #D7012 with a MSRP TBD.

This is only one of the many decal sheets produced by Hawk Graphics/The Resin Shipyard. See the whole line on their website. Thanks to Hawk Graphics for this review sample.

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