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Oliver Hazard Perry class FFG
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Reviewed by Sean Hert

Hawk Graphics has released a single-sheet decal set of variant markings for the Oliver Hazard Perry kits on the market. This sheet of water slide decals, printed by the always excellent Cartograf in Italy, caters to the following International frigates serving around the world;

  • Australia
  • Egypt
  • Taiwan
  • Bahrain
  • Turkey
  • Poland
  • Spain

The sheet also addresses the Long Hull US variants of the class.

This sheet includes almost every marking conceivably needed for this frigates. Hawk Graphics has also included improved USN markings to replace those in the Academy kits, with the kit hull numbers still used for US ships. (Hawk Graphics also sets sheets of both low-viz and hi-viz USN Hull Numbers) There are some interesting decals on this sheet, from the Polish variant warning stripes, foreign ship's badges and national insignia for the helos, bridge window and helo control window decals, to providing extra spot markings to customize each helo deck.


The two-sided page of full-color instructions is more of a loose photo reference guideline than a place-by-place set of instructions. There is a large, full-scale color image of the decal sheet with certain additional markings called out.


This sheet certainly increases the international appeal and flavor of the available OHP kits on the market. The modeler will have to perform their own research to ensure proper markings and placement, but this set should have everything you need. Now, where's that Mk 41 VLS for the HMAS Sydney FFG conversion?

This is set #D3523 with a MSRP of $27.00 CDN$, or about the same USD.

This is only one of the many decal sheets produced by Hawk Graphics/The Resin Shipyard. See the whole line on their website. Thanks to Hawk Graphics for this review sample.

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