These 2 decal sets by Hawk Graphics, the WWII USN Signal Flags #D3517 Large, suitable for Battleships and Carriers, and the #D3518 Medium, for Cruisers and Escort Carriers, both include multiple ensigns and Admiral's flags. The sets are printed by Cartograph, and are well registered with minimal carrier film borders. There are no directions included.

Large Set
Medium Set

These sets are both very well done, and a few sets of each should make for a great addition to any modeler's supplies. Darren tells us that by next summer (2009) German, Japanese, and British sets will be available. Excellent!

D3517-Large sells for $12.00 CDN, or around $9.65 USD; D3518-Medium is $11.00 CDN, or about $8.85 USD. You can get these decals direct from Hawk Graphics/Resin Shipyard. Please see their website for ordering details.

Thanks to Hawk Graphics for these review samples.