Cutting Templates

Reviewed by Sean Hert
October 2012

Hasegawa has released two stainless steel cutting templates for use when trimming masking films or paper, one template of straight lines (A) and one of curves (B). These would also be useful when using Hasegawa's Adhesive Detail & Marking Film sheets.

Template A

Cutting Template A is comprised of eleven straight lines of varying widths from .5 to 5.0mm, with additional widths being indicated using adjacent lines (e.g. the top of the 4.5mm line to the bottom of the 5.0mm line is 10mm) There are also six “L” right angle shapes at the bottom, and seven other angle templates at the top. The template has a metric ruler etched the length of three of the four sides.

Template B

Cutting Template B is of similar dimensions and layout, but has a curved lines and radii available. B also has a very fine quarter protractor in the lower portion for laying out precise angles and curves.


Both of these templates are durable yet flexible, and would be a great use with masking both modern decks with the many straight lines, and older camouflage schemes with complex curves. The steel makes it easier to make cuts, and is less error-prone than templates from other materials.

Thanks to Great Planes Model Distributors for the review sample. Great Planes is the exclusive US importer for Hasegawa. These templates retail for $29.99 US; please check with your favorite hobby shop for pricing and availability.