Hasegawa 1/350
Agano Class Detail Up Etching Parts Super

Reviewed by Sean Hert
February 2014

Hasegawa's Agano-Class light cruisers are fine kits on their own, but many modelers today are not satisfied with the fidelity of all plastic parts. Photoetch allows for thinner, higher detailed parts to enhance the scale appearance of your model. Since Hasegawa's first 1/350 ship offerings, they have released supplementary photoetch detailing sets for their kits, usually in "Basic" and "Super"; this is the "Super" set, specific to the Noshiro; due to differences in appearance between each Agano-class cruiser, the super sets are unique to each class.

In spite of box showing a wealth of photoetch (it illustrates a kit with Super+A+B installed), the Super detail set focuses on just a few items. By far, the predominant focus of the photoetch is the aircraft platform. The configuration of the aircraft platform is one of the primary differences between the Aganos, and Noshiro is no different. The platform, along with the base and many fine girders make up over half the sheet. The sheet also has a detailed replacement aircraft catapult, sea plane launch cradles and stowage racks for the ship's boats.

In addition to the photoetch sheet, the Super set also includes a set of brass barrels for Noshiro's main battery, and a brass nameplate.


While each barrel fits well, as to be expected, the shallow cut to the open muzzle is a bit disappointing.


A large double-sided folding sheet of instructions is included. These instructions have both illustrations and photos of the parts installed on the kit.


This is a nice piece of photoetch, and the barrels are sure to fit; but this set retails for $139.99! While you can usually find it cheaper, it is still a lot of money for one photoetch sheets and a set of six brass barrels.

Thanks to Great Planes Model Distributorsfor the review sample. It is listed as #740085 1/350 IJN Light Cruiser Agano Class Detail Up Etching Parts Super with a MSRP of $139.99 US. Great Planes is the exclusive US importer for Hasegawa.