Gunthwaite Miniatures 1/72
British and Commonwealth Seamen, Officers, and Ratings; Round 2

Reviewed by Sean Hert

Gunthwaithe Miniatures has released 6 new packs of British and Commonwealth naval figures in 1/72. Suitable for either R/C or a static display, these would look great on a Flower class corvette or an Airfix MTB, as well as many other RN offerings in 1/72.

The figures are in packs of three and will retail at 5.25 per pack. The figures are supplied unpainted.

These figures are all well cast in white metal, and will require little to no cleanup. I've added a black wash to accentuate the great detail of the sculpting these figures exhibit.

gm72-009: British and Commonwealth Sailors, Ratings and Officer; Tropical Dress (2)

gm72-010: British and Commonwealth Sailors, Ratings and Officer; Tropical Dress (No Shirts)

gm72-011: British and Commonwealth Sailors, Officers; Tropical Dress (sun helmets)

gm72-012: British and Commonwealth Sailors, Officers Tropical Dress (5)

gm72-013: British and Commonwealth Sailors, Officers (Short Sleeve Order)

gm72-014: British and Commonwealth Sailors, Ratings, Working Dress (1)


Gunthwaite Miniatures are available from Halifax Modellers World: . At 5.25, or about $8.75 US per pack of three, these figures are a great deal, and are sure to add life and detail to your 1/72 RN or Commonwealth project. Heartily Recommended!

Thanks to Gunthwaite Miniatures for these review samples. Gunthwaite plans to expand the range in the future to include sailors in oilskins and steel helmets, RAF groundcrew, and Fleet Air Arm aircrew.