Goffy Models 1/350
Deck Tractors of Modern USN Carriers
Yet another review
by Jon Somerville

When you purchase a set of Goffy deck tractors you get eight different kinds. They are molded in yellow so wonít be too hard to paint with that challenging yellow color. Most tractors come with molded on equipment such as wheel chocks and tow bars. It would be pretty easy to remove any unwanted equipment. The wheels are modeled in a black resin. One of the tractors is the old style fire tractor which is nice to have but not as useful for the most modern carrier operations. If desired, one could chop the fire equipment off the back of the fire tractor as it is a modified tow tractor. No photo etch is included and probably not needed. I could only think of tractor steering wheels.

There is a bit of flash to clean up and a few of my tractors had pieced from the molds in awkward corners. I was going to only purchase one set, but Sean Hert said I should get one more. Iím glad he suggested that as the set is nice and I do still need to build a 1/350 Enterprise and Nimitz class.


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