1/350 US Navy Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier
Decal set by Gold Medal Models
The Tamiya 1/350 USS Enterprise has been one of the most popular ships on the market. However it has been lacking a good decal set. There was a pretty good after market set available from Dunagain Decals, but this set is out of production. Modelers have been seeking a replacement for that set for a few years now. Along comes Gold Medal Models to not only replace that set, but to improve on it beyond anything on the market today. This set is the ultimate Modern Carrier set with not only everything you will ever need for the USS Enterprise, but also all of the Nimitz class carriers coming soon from Trumpeter. Not only does this set include all the markings, but they are of the highest quality. Perfectly registered with sharp crisp lines these decals are printed on a carrier film that almost perfectly matches the shape of the decal. That means you wont need to trim them to size. The decals are reproduced in stunning color that will really stand out on the haze gray carriers.
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The set includes two sheets, the first one includes all of the bridge markings and the various warning lines and circles. These are not generic markings, they are specific for the ship and the period. The Battle E's and Aviation Boatswains' Mates' wings and other awards that the ships carried are there. One of the coolest features is the "windblown" flag and ensign, and let's not forget the "Hormuz Patrol" markings for Big E.

The other sheet is dedicated to the carrier deck numbers. One of the problems with the Tamiya Enterprise is the molded engraved lines form an incorrectly shaped "65". The correct ones are included here.

Also included on this set for All Ship Types:
  • Eight red warning circles in two sizes for rotating weapons mounts
  • twelve bomb jettison ramp markings for flight decks
  • assorted awards with hashmarks in full color and in three sizes for bridge wings
  • assorted sets of campaign ribbon groups in full color
  • national ensigns and jacks in both straight and "windblown" formats
  • yellow & red flight deck elevator and ordnance elevator striping
  • white and red forward flight deck striping
  • Underway Replenishment markings in several styles for elevator edges and nearby superstructure areas
  • ten sets of underwater hull draft markings in black & white
  • 18 sets of Flight Deck Electrical Power Hatch striping numbers for Tow Tractors in two sizes
Specific for the Enterprise: 
  • Hollow white outlined flight deck numbers in the correct shape
  • "Big E" marking for rear of island
  • "USS ENTERPRISE CVN-65" titles for the island front in two sizes and three variations for three different eras
  • Aviation Boatswains' Mates' Wings, ship's plaque, and small black eagle for lower island front 
  • five "Beware of Jet Blast Propellers and Rotors" signs in four styles for different eras
  • "Hormuz Highway Patrol", kill marks, and related awards for late 1980's period.
Specific for Nimitz class:
  • Correctly shaped hollow and solid numbers for flight decks
  • one set of oversize solid "68" numerals for an early Nimitz
  • correctly shaped shadowed and non-shadowed white numbers for islands of all ships in the class
  • assorted island signs for damage control equipment
  • twelve different sets of Aviation Boatswains' Mates' wings for all ships' island fronts to represent a variety of eras
  • nine sets of "Beware of Jet Blast Propellers And Rotors" warning signs for islands representing all ships and several eras. 
The instructions are great showing not only the position of the decals but the era when they were carried. There are plan and elevation views of the Enterprise and Nimitz illustrating the decal locations. There are multiple views of the islands of several different CVN's showing the distinct marks each one carried.

This set retails for $12.00 an amazing value when you consider all that the set includes. It is by far the very best set of it's type on the market and is essential if you are doing any modern CVN. It is available now direct from Gold Medal Models or where ever fine ship accessories are sold. Click the image on the right to visit Gold Medal Models website to see more of their photo etch sets

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