G-Factor Models 1/350
Arleigh Burke Class Propellers
Yet another review
by Sean Hert

I recently found these cast metal props via a known hobby distributor, and being a sucker for metal props and accessories in general, I ordered some for myself.

Included in a small plastic bag are 2 cast metal props. These props look like they are very closely based on the props included in Trumpeter 1/350 Arleigh Burke kit.


The props have the correct number of blades, and appear to have the correct shape for the Burke class props. These parts exhibit the same issues as the Gleaves class props; namely rough texture, seams and a large coarsely filed area.

G-Factor, Dragon

G-Factor, Trumpeter

G-Factor, Trumpeter

I was disappointed with this acessoary. The amount of work required to clean up and prepare these parts greatly outweighs the effort to prepare and paint the included plastic parts of the Trumpeter kit. However, in light of the incorrect shape of the Dragon kit's props, this accessory would be well suited to correcting the props on the Dragon/Panda 1/350 Arleigh Burke class kits. This set retails for $21.00 USD.

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