Reviewed by Timothy Dike
So you purchased the new  Trumpeter Yorktown kit and your a little intimidated by the MS 33/10a camouflage pattern. If you have ever done one of the dazzle patterns before, you know it is a lot of work. Trying to mask all the complicated shapes will drive you crazy. Gator Masks, well known for their Aircraft and Armor masks is stepping into the ship modeling world by offering pre-cut mask that will save you a ton of time and effort. What you get is a large durable vinyl sheet with a pre-cut pattern on a non-stick surface. It is hard to show this without peeling away the waste from the mask. I have separated the pattern slightly to show the elements of the design.

Each portion of the pattern is a separate part that can be applied on your ship. Refer to the paint guide included in the Trumpeter kit for reference or this link to the actual design sheet.

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This mask will be a real time saver. I have always resisted these camoufalge patterns due to their complexity. I guess the one thing that is lacking are instructions with recommended steps to follow for the beginner. This one sells for $7.00 a real bargain and a big time saver.

Gator has all kinds of Masks, especially those colorful dazzle patterns that we all love, but hate to apply. They are adding more all the time so check out their website for more info.