FlyHawk 1/700 German Battleship Tirpitz Metal Mast

Reviewed by Sean Hert

Flyhawk has created sets of upgraded metal masts, with a small frets of photoetch, for 1/700 German ships. This set is for upgrading the 1/700 WW2 German Battleship Tirpitz.


There is a fret of photoetch to replace the platforms and yards that go on and around the masts. There will be some folding and assembly involved with these parts. There is some nice detail here; the raised diamond plate and the relief-etched details on the yards.

There are also 2 tapered brass rods 70mm long to provide material to replace and upgrade the actual masts. Modelers will need to be able to cut the brass rods to length.


There is one single-sided page of instructions. I like the use color as an aid to folding in the proper fashion. There are some differences between a 1941 and 1942 fit, so make sure to plan ahead carefully.

Thanks to Flyhawk Models for this review sample.