Flyhawk 1/700
WWII RN 4"/45 (10.2 cm) QF HA MK XVI Guns (9 barrels)
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by Sean Hert

The 4" QF gun served on a wide variety of Royal Navy vessels during World War Two. This High Angle (HA) Dual purpose (DP) gun and mount was refit to many ships over the course of World War Two to correct the shortcomings of the 4.7" SP gun. The Mk XVI was a popular weapon, and production could not meet demand until late in the war. This weapon was found on most RN capitol ships and cruisers, and many destroyers and smaller ships.

This gun, in the twin open HA XIX mount, was retrofit to most of the Tribals by the removal of the "X" CP XIX twin 4.7" mount.

Flyhawk's release of these barrels is congruent with their release of two photoetch sets for the 1/700 Trumpeter Tribal class DD Eskimo. This barrel was previously seen on Modelwarships as reviewed in the Flyhawk 1/700 British 4" QF HA Mk XVI in Twin XIX Mounting (4pcs). As in the twin mount set, the packaging is mislabled.


The 9 barrels included in this upgrade are enough to update your Tribal or Abdiel, with one or more barrels left over!

This pack of barrels has an estimated MSRP $12.95, and is available now.