Fly Hawk Model 1/700 QF 4.7” Mark XII Barrels

reviewed by Duncan Kennedy

The Royal Navy QF guns trace their roots back to the 1890’s as newer and better artillery were taking advantage of smokeless powder (Cordite) over gunpowder. Thus the modern era of breach loading weapons for naval and coastal defense came into its own. As used in WW1, the guns did not reveal their limitation as a DP weapon (primarily due to its 55o max. elevation) – a shortcoming many RN destroyers would unfortunately later discover.

Throughout the Thirties and Second World War years the Royal Navy fitted the 4.7 inch QF guns on destroyers, on cruisers as secondary armament, and on other types of ships as well. Thus, the QF series guns can be found on many of your RN modeling projects.

FlyHawk Model has faithfully produced a 4.7 inch QF barrel in 1/700th scale to improve the look of your small bore gun. These are beautifully turned, tapered brass gun barrels that will immediately enhance the look of your ship’s weapons. You get 8 barrels in each set. With such wide application in service, FlyHawk’s FH 700075 metal barrels are the perfect upgrade to replace those clunky plastic parts.

FlyHawk continues to provide specialty items to replace the details too fine in 1/700th to mass produce accurately by injection mold plastic. Bravo FlyHawk! And, Keep ‘em coming!