FlyHawk Model 1/700 IJN 14”/45 Metal Barrels

reviewed by Duncan Kennedy

Although designed long before the outbreak of WW2, the IJN Kongo, Ise and Fuso class battleships were nonetheless formidable opponents for the US Navy. Their main armament consisted of eight 14 inch (35.6cm) guns with the original manufacturing done by Vickers. In 1910, under a bit of deception, the Japanese stated order was to be for 12” guns and were designated Vickers Mark “J” but soon afterward were re-classified as Vickers Mark “A.”

Later manufacturing was done in Japan at Kure and Japan Steel Works. These guns served the IJN very well indeed. Mounted in twin turrets of four, five (Hyuga after mid-1942) or six to a ship (depending on its class and year), the 14” main gun proved itself to be a reliable and accurate weapon.

FlyHawk Model has created these handsome brass barrels in 1/700th scale. Packaged 12 gun barrels to a set, the metal barrels in FH 700073 will make a marked improvement is both the shape and realism of your IJN battleship. They are exquisitely machined and a portion of muzzle is drilled out to simulate the end of the gun’s barrel on this set too – fantastic!

There is plenty of information out there about IJN naval artillery. A good place to start if you like to do your research online is Navweaps' Japanese Naval Guns. Otherwise, everyone’s “go to” source is Warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1869-1945, by Jentschura and Jung.