1/32 Sea Coast Monitor
Reviewed by Timothy Dike

Flagship Models is branching out and expanding their line. This new 1/32 scale 13" Seacoast Mortar is their latest. 
The massive 13" Seacoast Mortar was used by both sides of the ACW conflict.  The mortar while very difficult to move, was worth the effort.  When as few as eight of these massive mortars were properly positioned, they could lay siege to an entire city.  The mortars could fire a 13" shell every 13 minutes over two miles, so eight could devastate and entire city and pound it's population into submission. 

The kit is all resin with some styrene strips supplied for the levers and handles.


The main mortar  is cast as a single piece with an open end and a fairly large casting gate on the end. Cleanup should be fairly simple with only a little bit of flash along the edges.
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The mortar carriage sides and braces are cast on a resin wafer. Detail is very nice with lots of square nuts cast on. The wood parts have a wood grain finish and overall the parts are nicely done. Due to the thickness of the resin wafer you will have a bit of flat-sanding to do, but with the way the parts are laid out, it shouldn't be too much of a chore. 
Three shots are included to display alongside the mortar. The end pieces for the carriage are cast with wood grain and bolts cast on. Also included are the gear rack and elevating rod.
A wood floor is cast with rough hewn timber, wood grain, and nail head detail. The irregular look of the planks captures that hastily laid look that you might expect to be laid down for a mobile mortar. Styrene strips are provided to make some of the bracing for the gun assembly.
The Instructions are a single page with multiple views of the assembly. They are well drawn and clearly show where the parts locate. 

If your looking for a change of pace, this has all the right ingredients for a nice diorama. There is a lot of possibilities in this neat little kit. This is kit #FM 13232 13" Seacoast Mortar  for $50.00 US. You can order it direct from Flagship Models via the online ordering system.

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