1/32 Sea Coast Monitor
Reviewed August 2014
by Timothy Dike

Flagship Models, well known for their line of Civil War Ironclads, has crossed over to the figure world again with this Quartermaster diorama. Produced in 1/32 scale it allows for more detail and the ability to highlight your painting skills. This kit is based on the quarter deck of the HMS Diana.

The kit is all resin with holy wooden strips, and scale rope. 

The base is resin and provides a platform for adding the ships wheel assembly and the holy decking. Mast stantions are well cast with minimal flash. The large square plate with the rings cast in, is an alignment jig to help keep the ships wheels symmetrical. 
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Four bands and center hubs make up the major parts of the wheel assembly. A thin film of flash is on some parts but cleanup will be easy with a sharp knife. The wheel stantions include locating pins to aid in assembly.   
 The wheel spokes are provided as separate parts. 25 were in my kit, however you will only need 20 total. I like having a few extras. A wooden grate is provided with minimal flash. 
A nicely cast figure is made up in several sections. This should allow you to alter the pose somewhat. Two different options for the head are included, one with a hat and one without. The details on this figure are very well done. The master for this figure was sculpted by renowned figure sculptor and artist Alan Ball.
Real Holy wood planking is provided to give the deck that perfect look. 18" of .045 diameter braided CIM-rope is included in tan for a realistic look. 
The Instructions are a two pages with multiple views of the assembly. They are well drawn using CAD and clearly show where the parts locate.

This well engineered kit should be a nice break from regular ship modeling. It should provide a nice diorama that would look at home among your ship collection or even on the mantel. This is kit #FM13531 "The Quarter Master" (Base 3.25"x 3") with a list price of $50.00. Check this and several other large scale diorama kits on on Flagships Models website

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