1/32 Sea Coast Monitor
Reviewed by Timothy Dike

Flagship Models is back with another interesting gun in 1/32 scale. This one is a 32 lb. cannon mounted on a front pintle barbette carriage. The Confederacy used this type of mounting to allow the gun to be elevated over fortifications they were placed behind. Typically only the top of the cannon was exposed while the crew was protected. The whole assembly could be broken down to easy transporting. 

This kit includes the gun assembly and a display base to show it in it's natural setting.

The base is cast in resin and includes a retaining wall cast in one corner. A pintle is cast into the base to give the gun a pivot point for aiming. The rest is bare earth. The modeler might consider adding some planking where the carriage dolly wheels track back and forth. Casting is nice and cleanup will be simple on this part. 
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The gun assembly includes a one piece gun barrel, Wooden base broken down much like the real carriage would have been, wheels, and elevating screws and other hardware. The leadscrews have realistic looking threads cast on them and the wood beams have nice cast on bolt and washer detail. Casting is pretty nice and cleanup should be limited to cleaning shouldn't be a problem. 
Brass rod is included for the axles and two wooden rods to use for the powder packing and cleaning rods. 
The Instructions are a two pages with sub-assembly views showing the building process in a logical sequence. Well drawn using CAD and it looks like all the steps are covered. However I did find one mistake. The main wheels appear to be shown mounted backwards. They should be turned around so the thicker hub can roll along the carriage rails. Refer to the box art image showing the completed kit for an example of how it should go. 

A nice large scale weapon to add to your Civil War collection. It is well cast and well designed and looks simple enough for the resin novice builder to tackle. 

This is kit #FM13237 32 lb Gun on Front Pintle Carriage (Base 6"x 6") $95.00 as of September 2012. It is available now direct from Flagship via their website with online ordering. 

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