Flagship Models review
Reviewed by Timothy Dike
Available in many of the new Flagship Models 1/192 Ironclad kits, this new decal set is available separately in two sizes. The large set includes flags measuring 14' x 9' and the smaller ones are 7' x 6' in scale size. 
Each sheet includes five different flags and two pennants. They are nicely registered on waterslide decal paper. These are not precut so you will have to trim them to size before soaking them in water to slide them off the paper backing. The large and small decals are exactly the same except for their size, so I am only showing the smaller of the two in the scan on the right. A scan of the larger flags can be accessed here.

The flags include:

  • The first Confederate flag used from March 1861 to May 1863
  • The second Confederate flag used in May 1863
  • The third Confederate flag used from March 1865 to wars end
  • The Confederate Navy Jack used from March 1863 to wars end
  • The Union jack used throughout the war
  • Confederate commissioning pennant
  • Blue flag officer pennant
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If you are a collector of Civil war ironclads this set will come in handy. They can even be used for other scales if desired. The sets are numbered  as item # Decal 01 Confederate/Union Decals (7' x 6') for $4.00, and # Decal 02 Confederate/Union Decals (14' x 9') for $5.00. These are available direct from Flagship Models via their online ordering system.

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