Fine Molds 1/700
USN Quad 40 mm Gun Mounts

Reviewed by Timothy Dike
September 2013
Fine Molds Nano Dread, a new line of accessories for 1/700 scale is now available. One of their first US Navy offerings is the 40 mm quad bofors gun mount. 
There are eight sprues like the one on the right included in this set. Each one has two complete mounts. They include a separate base, yoke  and barrel assemblies. They are very detailed for their size and the barrels are very thin. These are not cast out of the typical styrene you see in most kits, a higher quality plastic is used here to give the parts more strength and durability. 

All these sets need are some railing and perhaps shields. They are perfect for any US Navy ships and a few others that were refitted in the US during the war. 

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The instructions are printed on the back of the box. 
WOW!!! These parts are very well done and the most accurate and detailed I have seen in this scale. These parts are far superior to anything yet offered in any plastic kit that I know of. They even exceed the quality of some of the best resin sets.
Freetime Hobbies carries the Fine Molds line of kits and accessories. This one is #FNMWA18 1/700 Fine Molds Nano Dread 40mm Quad Bofors and is available for $18.95 US. That's only $1.18/mount! Stock up now these will go fast.