Director's Cut DVD from Columbia Pictures

Probably the best Naval related Film ever made Das Boot, gives the viewer a look at a Submariner's life. There is no attempt to glamorize, or sensationalize, no creative license, just the raw reality of life below the seas. This review is not on the movie itself rather on the new Digital format that it is presented in.  If you don't have a DVD player this movie gives you a reason to get one. There is over an hour of new footage included in this new release as well as a Directors commentary on the making of the Movie.

 When you load the DVD you have a menu that lets you select the language to watch it in. Select German, English or Spanish. You can also turn the subtitles on or off. The menu can also go right to the track you want so there is no need to play with the fast forward and rewind button, in case you cant sit through the whole movie. 
The entire film was restored and re-mixed to run at 209 minutes taking advantage of the surround sound and digital effects. This DVD is available now for Sale or rent now, I highly recommend it. 

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